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Yeovangya by Riette De Kock

Think of it as the animation movie you have not yet seen. Yeovangya is the story of a princess past her 'marriage' age who didn't like any of the dull princes she had been introduced to and decides to go on a journey looking for the love of her life herself. So, she cuts her hair, dresses as a boy and sets off with her two closest companions - Blaffi, her brave and loyal dog, and Prr, the lazy, upstairs palace cat. Together they face many adventures, such as a dual with a huge man who can't take his beer, becoming lunch to a hungry lion, being attacked by three bad princes and being shipwrecked. Yeovangya has enough action to keep boys' attention captive for a few hours and enough romance to the likes of girls of all ages. To buy it, click on the Amazon Kindle logo on your right.


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Yeovangya - my first children’s ebook is published at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Go to www.amazon.com and type in ‘Yeovangya’ or click on this link. You don't need to have a Kindle ebook reader to get my book. You can click here and download the Kindle ebook reader for your PC. Or if you have a smart phone, you can download it from your app store or market place. Hope you enjoy my book!


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